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The best time to start your 2018 recruitment! Right now!

The best time to start your 2018 recruitment! Right now!

It happens every January. As soon as the tired old tinsel hits the bin, we’re regaled by another kind of decoration – advertising job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and other media littered with glittering job opportunities.

Yes, a new year is a time for recruiting, with thousands of employers fishing for likely candidates from the same ‘Active’ pools.

But why wait? Whatever your industry, the perfect time to source the best talent is now. For many employees, a year end is a time for reflection. Even as I write, talented professionals are thinking ahead and preparing to face new challenges with a welcome boost to their careers. By taking steps now, during the festive countdown, you can capitalise on these ‘high-fliers’ need for change and get ahead of the field.

Does this mean having to miss out on all the celebrations? Hardly. Smart employers have already mapped out their strategy and recruitment budgets for 2018. And, if they’re really, really smart, they will also save themselves a lot of groundwork by appointing a specialised recruitment agency like ours.

Many of our clients – in the PPE and workwear industry – engage our services in November and December, confident that we can create an attractive employee value proposition on their behalf, differentiating our clients from the competition to secure the best talent available.

Of course, with so much competition for the best deal in the January sales, the traditional recruitment approach often leads to disappointment, due to counter offers from rival employers. Even if you recruit the 2nd or 3rd option on your list, things may not work out, either because the new employee is unhappy or because they fail to meet your expectations.

Whatever the reason, a mis-hire may prove costly, although a good, specialised recruiter like Huntr will reduce the risks. Not only do we pride ourselves on our excellent retention rates, we also offer a 12-month retention guarantee.

Staying one step ahead

How does it work? Clients who work with industry-specialist recruiters gain access to a ‘Passive’ pool of candidate options, which can be called upon at any time of the year. At Huntr we regularly talk to people who are not actively looking for employment, building long-term quality relationships with them so that, when required, we have personal contact with the best talent in the business. While this may seem time-consuming, long-term it produces the best options, providing candidates who are committed, qualified, engaged and willing to listen.

Our potential candidates also appreciate the time and commitment we invest in getting to know them, where and when they want to progress, and the kind of roles which will suit their needs and your expectations. After all, who just wants to be a ‘number’ on a conveyor belts of options driven by an impersonal recruitment process?

Another plus: Your business will be viewed as attracting the brightest in the industry, one which cares about employees and is willing to invest in them. Since top candidates have their pick of companies to join, our approach goes the extra mile to understand their motivations and career aspirations. In turn, they can appreciate a great opportunity that offers the satisfying challenges and culture they seek.

Our proactive recruitment model provides your business with unsurpassed access to the very best talent, both current and future, entering the recruitment marketplace.

And with the festive holidays approaching, followed by a post-Christmas lull, many top notch candidates will be considering their options. So don’t let the opportunity slip by – act now to find your ideal executives for 2018.

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