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Introducing Huntr hq

Most agencies guarantee placements for 3 months… We guarantee ours for 12 months. How can we be so confident? Enter Huntr hq. Huntr hq was born out of our belief that companies historically hire talent based on skills but fire based on behaviours – we understood that executive recruitment had to be done a different way to get different results.

Huntr hq pulls together a combination of proven processes, recruiters who know their markets inside out and a more scientific way of analysing candidate suitability.

For a free no obligation demonstration of Huntr hq please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Latest triple science profiling
  • Candidate behavioural & sales competency assessment
  • Candidate benchmark analysis
  • Video interviewing

Unrivalled Employee Retention

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • 96% of placements utilising our methodology are still in place after 12 months
  • Realistic expectations on both sides from the start
  • Remove the guesswork from your hiring process

Save time & get it right

  • Collaboration & review from all Managers & Directors
  • Online portal with access 24/7 around the globe
  • Conduct fewer interviews
  • Prevent the wrong hire

Ultimate Brand Protection

  • Candidates are more involved in the process
  • Consistent and professional representation of employer brand
  • All candidates have a positive experience with your company
  • The right person is more likely to accept an offer