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Huntr is a specialist recruiter in sales and marketing – led by an industry professional with a wealth of experience in finding high calibre, motivated and qualified individuals to add quality and value to your brand.

Using industry-specific knowledge and building quality relationships with relevant potential individuals, we have a database of talent which is engaged, ambitious and willing to listen.

This in-depth experience and proactive approach means we can identify key individuals to nurture and build rapport, so we can get to know them before you need to.

The key is to listen – both to potential new recruits and to clients.

We make sure we know what new developments are on the horizon in our specific sectors, we listen to thought leaders and senior industry figures. We totally understand the markets in which we operate – particularly with ever-changing legislation in regulated industries. We listen to what our clients need, we build rapport with up-and-coming talent and we keep our ear to the ground about potential skills gaps and over-supply.

We have successfully differentiated ourselves through investment in new technology. By choosing to utilise our Huntr hq platform, reviewing candidate shortlist is fast and easy delivering comprehensive, online profiles that can be easily shared with your colleagues anywhere in the world.

At Huntr we believe we are ahead of the game so that we can offer immediate help when you need to react quickly to recruitment needs.


Clients can take advantage of more than a decade of specialist recruitment experience operating within this field.
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan
Managing Consultant