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Going for an interview?

Going for an interview?

No matter how experienced you are, it is always good to have a few gentle reminders…

Be presentable
Remember, first impressions really count, so take care to dress appropriately.  Employers believe that the way a person dresses has a bearing on how they will approach their work. Ensure clothes are clean, pressed and polished and, if applying for an executive post, wear a suit.

Be honest
Never try to bluff, or exaggerate your skills or achievements, as employers are quick to see through any fabrications. He or she will, however, respect your honesty.

Be attentive
Show an interest in their company and the job for which you have applied. Ask questions. Never use the ‘what’s in it for me’ ploy, which is the biggest turn off! It’s up to you to convince the prospective employer that you really want the job and are capable of doing it.

Be Respectful    
Business etiquette is widely becoming more relaxed? That said, we always recommend the interviewee to address the employer as “Mr/Mrs/Ms Whoever” and not first name terms until invited to do so. As a given “Mate” or “Pal” is a definite No-No. At this point in your relationship, he/she is very far from being either!

Don’t slouch
Sit up properly in your chair. Concentrate on being relaxed, poised, interested and alert.

Don’t be pressured into answering off the top of your head
Carefully consider each question and take time to formulate your thoughts. When answering, be respectful, honest, modest, frank and accurate. Whatever you do, don’t embroider and don’t try to impress!

Take a guide sheet    
Savvy interviewees take a guide sheet with them, listing past jobs, dates, salaries, duties and reason for leaving. You should also be ready to say how your experience and training will help you with the job you’re seeking. Another must is a list of at least two references with names, addresses and contact numbers – people who know you and for whom you may have worked.

Don’t talk too much 
This is one of the worst things you can do. Just answer the interviewer’s questions clearly and distinctly and don’t try to bluff.

Pay attention
Listen to what the interviewer is saying, be polite, tactful and don’t interrupt or, worse, get into an argument!

Don’t get personal      
The employer is only interested in your ability to do the job, so steer clear of personal information such as home, health or money worries.

Don’t give up
If the employer feels that you’re not suitable for that particular post, ask about other more relevant positions that may arise in the future.

Be thankful
No matter how the interview goes, follow up with a polite ‘thank you’ letter or email.

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