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Expanding your horizons? Choose a recruiter who speaks your language

Expanding your horizons? Choose a recruiter who speaks your language

Parlez vous Francais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? How do you advertise for potential executives in Europe? Or Dubai? Where do you find French-speaking sales people for your new export division?

If you think it’s hard to source top skills in your own country, wait until you go global! For UK-based companies planning to expand, or foreign enterprises aiming to enter the UK market, staffing requirements can often get lost in translation.

That’s why you need a recruiter who speaks the same language, someone who knows their way around the universal talent pool and can separate big fish from small fries. Sifting through tranches of applications, analysing and interviewing candidates and creating a shortlist is difficult enough when they’re just a train or bus ride away, so imagine flying them in from the far reaches of the world, only to find your efforts – and outlay – are wasted.

To avoid spending needlessly on flights, hotels and other expenses, you must be certain the candidate is genuinely equipped for the job. You can’t afford to be overly impressed by glowing testimonials, nor will that amazing CV tell you what you really need to know: Is this the right person for the position? Do they understand your industry? Will he or she fit comfortably within your team? And, if so, are they likely to stay the course?

Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but enlisting the help of a good recruiter, an agency conversant with your specific industry, will vastly improve your chances of success.

Huntr who specialise in recruitment for clients in Corporate Workwear, PPE and Workplace Safety, are wholly conversant with our chosen sectors, and I would advise any company launching a campaign to approach bona fide headhunters with high levels of expertise within your own industry – especially when recruiting abroad.

The benefits are obvious. An agency with the right know how and connections will screen applicants from the outset, providing all the information you need to make an informed decision in each case. Having confidence in your recruiter’s advice will help draw up a shortlist without racking up huge time and travel costs that first stage interviews may involve.

However, even if equipped with all the key information, within the first 10 minutes you just know whether someone is right or wrong. So we’ve asked ourselves: “What if we could do even better”?

In answer to that question, we’ve changed the way we work for certain assignments quite dramatically, enabling us to offer a hugely increased value proposition – Huntr hq.

Huntr hq is an award-winning online recruitment portal, designed to provide a more in-depth candidate assessment and streamline the recruitment process.

Institute profiling, candidate behavioural and key competency assessment, candidate benchmark analysis, and video interviewing are all employed to vet each candidate, discover their strengths and weed out applicants who fail to match up. These tools, coupled with insight into your specified industry, provide a true, clear picture of viable candidates, streamlining the process and helping you reach a quick decision on a shortlist of candidates to see at a final stage interview.

International timelines are no problem for dedicated talent sourcers such as Huntr. Our online portal is open 24/7 to reach anywhere on earth, enabling good collaboration, essential feedback and review between managers, directors and potential employees. And you don’t need to go international to benefit from this effective tool. UK companies find our portal an absolute boon, as it helps save time and energy, freeing recruiting and personnel managers for core activities.

Through careful assessments and profiling in line with your requirements, a good industry-aligned agency reduces the risk of a wrong hire, increases take-up and helps candidates feel more involved. As a result, they will gain a positive view of your company so they’re happy to negotiate.

And, due to our highly advanced, accredited methodology and personal service, Huntr achieves unrivalled employee retention rates – 96% after 12 months. In fact, we guarantee it!

But that’s a subject I’ll be covering in my next article.

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