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The benefits of working with an industry-aligned Headhunter

The benefits of working with an industry-aligned Headhunter

If you’re looking for key executives in the corporate workwear & PPE business, you won’t be needing a literary agent. Yet how many companies have come unstuck when it comes to appointing high flying senior sales professionals and executives because they’ve chosen the wrong recruitment specialists?

It’s not rocket science. To get the right candidates for your industry you need a headhunter who understands it. Someone who can accurately define your requirements, source the best candidates and make working for you an attractive proposition.

Here’s where an industry-aligned agency comes in. Rather than waste time sifting through hundreds of general applications, a good agency should use its resources to target, not just people actively looking for new employment, but top talent from a ‘Passive Pool’, professionals with great potential and a willingness to consider fresh options.

An agency’s ability to draw such talent depends on having insight, up-to-date knowledge, and experience from within the designated industry. As for my own agency, we also analyse each client’s operation, ethos and environment, creating a unique benchmark by which all candidates will be measured.

Such personal service and attention to detail really set Huntr apart. As does our commitment. But, you may ask, isn’t every agency committed to your requirement?

Well, let me explain: Should you invite, say, 4 agencies to act on your behalf, following a traditional contingent recruitment method, each agency is aware that they only have a 25% chance of fulfilling your campaign, an awareness often reflected by their level of commitment. That often results in 75% less effort, 75% lower inclination to search their passive pool, and 75% less likelihood of finding the ideal candidate.

If, on the other hand, you employ an industry-specific recruiter, such as Huntr, you will benefit from the very highest level of commitment. We give 100% service, 100% dedication and 100% of our resources as we search our extensive candidate network to find the genuine stars within the sector.

When it comes to individual talent, working in the Corporate workwear and PPE industry keeps us in touch with top performing sales people and executives, so we understand their goals and expectations. Such insight puts us in polar position to entice them back onto the market (to consider their options), converting them from passive to active job seekers when the right opportunity arises. Meanwhile, by treading water in our passive pool, high calibre individuals are not considering other opportunities when we approach them on your behalf, so there’s less risk of competition and counter-offers.

Of course, I can only speak for my own agency, Huntr and our clients, but the same principle applies to companies in virtually any sector: By choosing a recruiter who understands your industry inside out, who keeps an eye out for the best quality skills within that industry and knows how to attract them, will invariably save you time and money.

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