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7 Great Ways To Reboot Your Career

7 Great Ways To Reboot Your Career

Stuck in a rut? Feeling flat? Longing for fresh challenges? Then it’s time for a reboot.

Whether you’re seriously looking for a new position, or simply musing at this stage, here’s a check list to keep you interview-ready for that unmissable opportunity:


This is something every professional needs to do on a regular basis, so you won’t overlook the small but vital details. Those minor achievements that don’t seem that important to you at the time may prove highly significant to a potential employer.

A change of role, a new responsibility, a well-planned strategy or successful campaign. Chalk them up as they occur; what may be irrelevant to one company could be the holy grail to another. (Although entertaining a client’s 3-year old for half an hour while your CEO clinches a deal is not the most impressive tool in your box, it will speak volumes for your people skills!)

View your CV as a work-in-progress. You can then tailor it as and when required. And don’t forget your LinkedIn profile. The majority of recruiters use this facility to source passive candidates, so it’s a great way to advertise your talents.


Don’t just rely on the tried and tested – sharpen up existing skills and be willing to embrace new ones. Keep abreast of technology, learn a new language, sign up for courses, read, study, volunteer, experiment, explore.

Keeping your mind active demonstrates enthusiasm, motivation and a keen desire to learn – must-have qualities for prospective employers.


Every captain wants a happy ship, and every member of the crew has a duty to maintain morale. Just one bad tempered, moody employee can sour the atmosphere, which is not only depressing but can affect efficiency.

So learn to deal with difficulties in your current role and refuse to let resentment take root. Avoid a complaining spirit, shrewd recruiters may pick up on. And never, EVER moan about a previous employer during an interview.

If you’re currently seeking a new position, look after yourself physically too. Plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise can work wonders both mentally and physically, helping you stay positive, energised and alert to new opportunities.


We’ve already mentioned LinkedIn, but don’t stop there. Some of your most useful contacts are people you already know; friends, relatives, former colleagues and classmates are usually happy to help.

In fact, 85% of hires are achieved through networking, so it’s well worth browsing through your old contact books and following up on people you’ve met at business events. Good sources for networking include seminars, conferences and training days where you’ll meet like-minded professionals in a relaxed setting.


Whatever industry you’re looking to enter, make sure you know as much as possible about key developments and the latest trends.

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You may be perfectly happy and settled in your current employment. But no one knows what tomorrow may bring and there’s no better way to secure your prospects than by sharpening your skills and deepening your knowledge. Whatever your plans for the future, it’s the best career investment you could ever make.


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