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Are you planning for where your business is going to be in 2020 or 2030?

Are you planning for where your business is going to be in 2020 or 2030?

As we shift into the next decade, many business owners and leaders will be wondering where things are going to be in 2030 and what their business will look like in a decades time. As a business owner myself, I know that it is almost impossible to pre-empt change over the next five years let alone ten years, but what is certain is that things shall evolve even quicker over the next decade and businesses /employees will have to become more adaptable to change.

Narrow this viewpoint down to the sales team function, you may have read some of my posts over the last couple of years of how we have adapted our process to focus on the qualities of the sales individual firstly, their product or experience becoming a ‘desirable’ requirement.

Progressive businesses recruit for the market demands in the future, not for present. They require sales team members who are problem-centric in their approach to selling, adaptable with regards to their learning and how they develop their sales process for the changing market demands. Yes, product knowledge or understanding of the industry nuances is important, but buyers seek to work with suppliers who can help solve their challenges, they don’t have time to watch a presentation uncovering the whole timeline and features of a product.

Whatever the next decade brings, you can be sure that we at Huntr will be on hand to provide you the recruitment insight and support you need to help you stay one step ahead.

Danny Sullivan


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